ongoing - march - june 2021
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Curators: Eleonora Meoni, Stefania Palumbo
Production Assistant: Valeria Baudo
Assistant Coordinator: Natasja Loutschko
Communication and Media: Marcelo Alcaide
Choreo-graphic Design: Francisca Kamis
Web Developer: Kristina Jaggar

With the contribution of:
AvantGardenLife / Marco Bruzzone / Liz Craft / Luigi D’Alessio / Valentina Karga / Darius Mikšys / Franziska Lantz / Isabel Lewis / Kira Lillie / Ninon Liotet / Marta Orlando / Clementine Roy / Viron Erol Vert / Philip Wiegard

Special thanks to:  Marta del Vecchio
Thanks to: Michele Fossi, Gigiotto Del Vecchio, Yolanda Zobel, Sanda Hubana, Claud Krams, Richard Stein, Anne Wesolek, Dalia Maini, Stephanie Stein, Jennifer Chert, Giovanni Zanda, eresa Steidle-Fraser, Ossian Fraser

Every Mouth Must Be Fed is funded by Hauptstadtkulturfond

Marta orlando and ninon liotet - the awakening of the transplants - video,2021.

EVERY MOUTH MUST BE FED - An introduction

The project Every Mouth Must Be Fed, presented by Pane Per Poveri, unfolds as a series of laboratories dedicated to the possible realisation of a sustainable creative canteen, realised with the contribution of artists active in different areas. Every Mouth Must Be Fed consists of a five phases cycle developed over several months and involves five pairs of artists. Each phase investigates a specific segment of the food production chain — sowing, harvesting, transformation, service, celebration — through a dialogic relationship that each pair of artists will develop with each other and with the laboratory participants.

Stemmed by the need shared amongst its founders to offer an alternative way of experiencing art, it has been – since its creations in 2015 – Pane Per Poveri’s mission to investigate possibilities of art fruition that revolves around horizontality, sustainability and active engagement with the areas of interventions and the communities that inhabit them.

SEEDS - or the ideas

Every Mouth Must Be Fed rethinks the sense of contemporary togetherness and considers the rite of hospitality, manifested through commensality, as a social act to be explored and analysed in its own cultural and political aspects. As much as the final realisation of the active canteen is the aim of a future project by Pane Per Poveri, Every Mouth Must Be Fed intends to activate a research about food seen as an essential interface between art and life.

FERTILISERS AGENTS - or the artistic contributions

The artists involved in Every Mouth Must Be Fed are invited to participate in an open discussion about the topics at the core of the project. Five pairs of artists are given the assignment to lead the laboratories and trigger a brainstorming and open discussion with the participants on the political implications of raising communal, alternative ecosystems. In the first segment, dedicated to the practice of sowing, the artists Marta Orlando and Ninon Liotet will pick up seeds to plant, research the monopoly of the seed selling and from there reflect over alternative possibilities of giving and trading, new forms of economy that can critically challenge modern currencies and value attributions. Following these actions, AvantGardenLife and Luigi D’Alessio will bring their expertise to the research by harvesting healing, beneficial plants and developing ways of bringing herbalism and food back to their traditional grassroots methods of preserving and preparing.

Third phase symbolises the transformation and elaboration of the previous inputs into something treated. Marco Bruzzone and Darius Mikšys, whose separate artistic practices have been investigating the conceptual implications of the relationship between art and its audience, will research the possible associations that the concept of consumption has with the contemporary art practice. The delicate art of serving is carried out by the sensory performer Isabel Lewis and the artist/ceramist Liz Craft. Lewis explores since some years the body as the medium of the senses and as a political tool. Liz Craft will lead the participants in a creative process using her visionary ceramist skills. The final phase, in which the ritual of hospitality is conclusively celebrated, will be performed by Kira Lillie/In Co Lab together with Franziska Lantz/ Global Warming. A platform of artistic inquiry through performance and food, Lillie and In Co Lab will examine during their month of study the numerous ways of making the celebrative moment of commensality an experience to connect and to share with what has been carefully achieved during the previous months. Franziska Lantz/Global Warming will develop a possible sensorial experience that will hold the different contributions in one unique sound environment.

Over the course of the project, the artists Valentina Karga and Viron Erol Vert, will participate to the open discussions and will develop personal dynamic, structural contributions that will stand as a record for the evolution of the project. Philip Wiegard will advise and guide the group through the format of the workshop itself to better understand it and to help creating a basic structure that can serve as a sample of further ways of working together within interdisciplinary and experimental artistic driven environments.

SOIL - or the location

Pane Per Poveri aims to create a platform that encourages the broadest possible participation, from artists and non-artists alike: an agora where discussions around political matters would take place, where everyone is encouraged to participate and to express their opinion for the common good, and where individuality is discarded in favour of collective interest. The square chosen for Every Mouth Must Be Fed is Kottbusser Tor, the epicentre of Kreuzberg, known for its cultural diversity and for being home to a large part of the Berlin creative community. The space named “aquarium” will be the space where the laboratories of Every Mouth Must Be Fed will take place. Aquarium hosts talks, interventions and events of social groups, while 1/3 of the 350 sqm room is permanently dedicated to the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für selbstbestimmtes Leben schwerstbehinderter Menschen (ASL e.V.) and the Berliner Assistenz Verein (BAV e.V.).

CULTIVATORS - or the participants

The very specific position of aquarium within the city of Berlin, puts the intention of Every Mouth Must Be Fed to be an inclusive project, even more in evidence. A dialogic exchange between the inside and the outside of the space is helped by employing the wide glass windows of the location as a diaphragm whose potentials will be explored by the artists over the course of the project. Socialization has been severely affected by the recent pandemic, harshly marking the very much needed demand of inclusion and solidarity that contemporary society desperately needs. The project tries to reflect on how to provide the grounds for a remotely interconnected community to grow, that doesn’t necessarily depend on videotelephony. By complying with the official measurements against the diffusion of Covid-19 which will be in force at the time of the project, Every Mouth Must Be Fed will grant the broadest and most horizontal participation possible despite (or maybe, precisely because of) the extraordinary circumstances. Having been characterised, in the past, by an advertisement of its program that was based on an intimate word-of-mouth, PPP will try, this time, to establish an epistolary communication through the dispatch and the dissemination of cahiers where individuals will be invited to analyse the topics at stake with through their personal, intimate perspective and a diaristic approach. Inspired by the Fluxus legacy, a movement that was never circumscribed by geographical boundaries and whose means spread in every corner of the world, we want to embrace once again the prospect of creating a fluid, broad, diverse community – a prospect that has been a trademark of PPP since its inception.

ENVIRONMENT - or the backgrounds

Pane Per Poveri owns its name and ethos to tags on mailboxes of sorts that can still be found on the facades of old buildings and churches in Venice, with the words “pane per i poveri” (bread for the poor) carved on it. Devoid now of the function they used to have in the middle ages, these little boxes were containers in which well off Venetians would leave bread crusts, sometimes money, for those in need — a form of solidarity expressed through the act of sharing a primal good: food. Animated by similar intentions, PPP researches how communities can come together through artistic happenings that revolve around sustainability and thoughtfulness for the hosting sites’

genesis/background/evolution. As art itself is supposed to also exist apart from rules and established structures, it has been PPP ambition to transfer this freedom and to create a place where not only the production of art, but also its presentation and

perception could be achieved with the least restrictions possible.


Every Mouth Must Be Fed proposes a laboratory to people interested in analysing the developments of interchanges amongst interdisciplinary and inclusive experiences. From the simplest example of communality, the one accomplished around the meal table, the project aims to establish, starting from the dialogue between the involved artists, an open conversation about the possibilities we have to interact and to reconsider the notion of art as something part of our daily experience – and vice versa. Pane Per Poveri has always adopted an analytical position towards the situations taken into exams and departed from these experiences to formulate alternative possibilities of communication, elaboration of information, modes of togetherness. Once again, at the south edge of Kottbusser Tor, this experiment will re-enact itself in its wide range of possible fallbacks and meaningful accomplishments, approaching residents to whom we don’t pretend to provide answers, but rather to engage in the effort of imagining, maybe shaping, possible alternative futures.




Marta Orlando - Ninon Liotet
Friday March 5 & 6 - aquarium
Saturday March 13 - outdoors tba
Sunday March 14 – aquarium

AvantGardenLife - Luigi D’Alessio/PanePanacea
Saturday March 20 - outdoors tba   
Sunday March 21 - aquarium
Saturday April 17 - aquarium   
Sunday April 18 – aquarium

Marco Bruzzone - Darius Mikšys
Saturday April 24-25 - aquarium
Friday April 30 - outdoors tba   
Saturday May 1 - outdoors tba

Isabel Lewis - Liz Craft
Saturday May 15 - aquarium  
Sunday May 16 - tba   
Saturday May 22-23 – aquarium

Kira Lillie/In Co Lab - Franziska Lantz/Global Warming
Saturday June 12-13 - aquarium   
Saturday June 19 - outdoors tba   
Sunday June 20 - outdoors tba   
Friday June 25-26 - aquarium

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